[ZendTo] Virtualhost setup

CARTIER Lenny l.cartier at sommenumerique.fr
Thu Oct 25 09:46:29 BST 2012


I would like to deploy Zend.to as a solution for several members (cities) of our organization. I'll be happy to have your experiences on this product with some virtualhosts. 

I have decided to keep things separated to clearly identify responsabilities of uploaders and downloaders (each entity should have their own repository, database, users...).

So I set up several virtualhosts in /var/www/id1 , /var/www/id2; each one have a config directory (with preferences.php and zendto.conf in it). In /usr/local/zendo I put everything else (bin, cache, config_bak, docs, lib, myzendto.templates, myzendto.templates_c, myzendto.www, sbin, sql, templates, templates_c, templates-v3).

My main problem (for now) is that even if I can reach the landing page, I can't go further because of smarty trying to write in /tmp. Do you know how can I set it up to write in something like /var/www/id1/cache ?

Thanks a lot,


Lenny Cartier <l.cartier at sommenumerique.fr>
Chef de projet web - Somme Numérique [ http://www.sommenumerique.fr ]
tel : 03 22 22 27 27 

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