[ZendTo] Re: Pickup Notification Email - Only one is sent...is that normal?

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Mon Jun 18 12:27:45 BST 2012

This is a really odd one left over from when I forked the original 
Delaware Dropbox project.
For some bizarre reason they chose to only log the first download of a 
file from a drop-off, and not any subsequent ones.

I have changed this so that it sends a notification email for the first 
pickup by each recipient. That way you get to hear if all your 
recipients have downloaded it, but you won't get snowed with emails if 
some recipient accidentally tries to download the file 1,000,000 times 
due to some bug in their web browser.

This will be in the next release.

If you want to make a quick and simple change before then, so that you 
receive an email for *every* download by a recipient, look in 
/opt/zendto/lib/NSSDropoff.php. Around line 658 you will find a line 
that says

           $extantPickups = 

Comment out that line by adding
at the start of it. Then you'll receive an email for every download.


On 14/06/2012 13:56, Marlon R Deerr wrote:
> We are noticing in our environment that when we send a drop-off to 
> multiple recipients, we only receive a pickup notification email for 
> the first person that picks it up.  We do not get notified for every 
> other person on that same drop-off. Is this just the default behaviour 
> and is there a way to get notified for ALL pickups?
> Thanks,
> Marlon
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