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Jules Jules at Zend.To
Wed Jun 13 22:36:05 BST 2012

On 13/06/2012 21:44, Kevin Miller wrote:
> Jules wrote:
> snip
>> In which case you aren't binding correctly to your AD servers. A good
>> way to get these settings right if you're not sure is to play with
>> the "ldapsearch" command until you get it to connect and give you the
>> right information.
> Snip
> Thanks Jules!  It's all sorted now, and working as advertised.  I've got it set up both internally and externally with https.  Now to get the word out and get some folks to start hammering on it.
> I need to read up on it more, but the library feature might be a nice next step.  The docs mention that it's best set up with local authentication and mysql.  Being on CentOS 6.2 I am running the mysql backend, but I'm using AD integration.  Are there significant issues in getting the library feature to work with that combination?
No. It's quite independent of the authentication method you use. I use 
it with 2-forest AD myself.
All you need is
and then per-user libraries (if you need them) in
Then you setup WebDAV on /var/zendto/library in your Apache setup (there 
are examples of this in the docs somewhere, I'm sure) so that people can 
mount http://your-zendto-server/library as a webdav resource in Windows 
Explorer or Mac Finder and drop files into it.
> Any word on the MailScanner integration aspect that another fellow was working on?
Nothing yet. I'm no longer responsible for MailScanner development, I've 
passed that on to other folks now.
> Any plans on setting up a wiki similar to the MailScanner site for Zendto?
I guess I could, yes. Will have to take a look at doing that.


> Thanks much...
>   ...Kevin


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