[ZendTo] Re: ZendTo ANNOUNCE: 4.02 released

Chris Barber chris at techquility.net
Thu May 26 16:57:44 BST 2011

Hi Jules,

Will a yum update catch this if we are using the pre-made virtual machines?



Hi folks!

I have just released ZendTo version 4.02, which clears up quite a few things, and includes the new user interface for those among you who use MyZendTo.

Download as usual from

The ChangeLog for this release is as follows:

- Added image to "Statistics" page when no stats have been stored.
- Added preferences.php setting 'authIMAPOrganization'.
- Added preferences.php setting 'authLDAPOrganization'.
- "phpfix.php" web page updated to cope with Ubuntu 11.
- Fixed bug in template so when showRecipsOnPickup is FALSE, the Drop-Off Summary page will not list the recipients (unless you're an admin).
- Changed default supplied value of showRecipsOnPickup to TRUE.
- Changed database table setups to 255 characters for IP address for IPv6.
- Fixed SQL injection vulnerabilities.
- Added new "favicon" to ZendTo websites.
- Fixed security vulnerabilities pointed out by Patrick Gaikowski.
- Added www/css/local.css and discourage editing of swish.css.
- Improved image on "Statistics" page when no stats have been stored, to
   explain why it has not drawn any graphs.
- Implemented new user interface on MyZendTo.

Any problems / issues / comments, please let me know as always.



Julian Field MEng CITP CEng

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