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Jules Jules at Zend.To
Sat May 14 14:08:33 BST 2011

The IMAP authenticator doesn't allow setting of the default organisation 
name (the AD authenticator does). This is a bug, which I will fix.

It will still show the organisation name in the form, and the user will 
be able to change it if they want to; but it will be filled with a 
default value from preferences.php when the form appears.


On 13/05/2011 22:20, Chris Barber wrote:
> I too have had users ask me to remove that option. You are right, logged in users know who they belong to. I would say it would be best if thre was a configuration option in zendto.conf that would allow us to specify the organization, or leave it has an option for users to fill in.
> In one case of mine, we are using IMAP authentication and the IMAP server auto fills this in. However it fills in the domain name and not the actual org name. I think this is the fault of the IMAP server but we can't adjust that so the users are always fixing the org name for each dropoff or request.
> Chris
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> I can't find anything in either configuration file that would allow me to turn off the requirement to type in an organization when a logged in
> user is trying to upload a file.    All of my logged in users are from
> the same organization.   They all know what organization they all belong
> to.   There's no point in them having to type it in every time.   It
> makes sense for non logged in users, but not logged in.    How can I
> remove that requirement?
> -Mike
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