[ZendTo] Re: {Disarmed} {Disarmed} Unable to use "Anyone may perform the following activities" > "Drop-off"

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Thu Jul 7 11:06:34 BST 2011

Almost always caused by incorrectly setting the "emailDomainRegexp" 
value in preferences.php.

On 06/07/2011 15:48, Giampiero Grandi wrote:
> Good day, I'm using Zendto 4.02 on Ubuntu server.
> I already set the time zone using:
> sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
> Guests got this message when tried to drop-off a file:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Upload Error
> You must be logged in as a "My company" user in order to drop-off a 
> file for a non-My company user.
> Return to the ZendTo main menu to log in and then try again.
>  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The problem is that in this case it's a "non-My company" guest (that 
> followed all the step to drop-off the file) are dropping-off a file 
> for a "My company" user
> This is the mail that guest received after the "request" to dropp off 
> something:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> This is an automated message sent to you by the My company Server 
> service.
> Name: Giampiero gmail
> Organization: Contatto esterno
> Email: giagrand74 at gmail.com <mailto:giagrand74 at gmail.com>
> You have asked us to send you this message so that youcan drop-off 
> some files for someone.
> Otherwise, continue the process by clicking the followinglink (or 
> copying and pasting it into your web browser):
> *MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" 
> claiming to be* *MailScanner warning: numerical links are often 
> malicious:* 
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Regards.
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