[ZendTo] Problem with drop-offs from Outside (incoming)

Elston, Ian I.Elston at bolton.ac.uk
Wed Apr 20 15:19:44 BST 2011

Hi Jules,

I've rebuilt my server with a bigger HDD etc, using the Centos REPO for
v4, rebuilt PHP etc etc. I really like the look/feel of v4, looks ace. 

I can't get any incoming drop-offs though. 

>From outside, when not logged in, I can start a drop-off, including the
address verification, and begin to upload the file (see screenshot1) 

However, the upload fails with the error 

" Upload Error
You must be logged in as a bolton.ac.uk user in order to drop-off a file
for a non-Bolton.ac.uk user."
(see screenshot2)

However I *am* sending to a Bolton.ac.uk user as you can see in

Have I (again) missed something obvious? 



Ian Elston
Networks & Developments
The University of Bolton

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