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Brad Beckenhauer bbecken at aafp.org
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thank you,
I made a couple of changes and it looks great.
In case anyone else wants to remove the IP Addresses from the email
sent to the recipients, the two files are:
>>> On 8/16/2010 at 12:52 PM, in message
<4C697ADF.2090400 at skynet-srl.com>, Alessandro Bianchi
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Il 16/08/2010 19:47, Brad Beckenhauer ha scritto: 

Suggestion 2: 
When a dropoff message is sent to a recipient, it contains the IP
Address of the sender and the DNS name of the workstation.  Rather than
expose the IP Addresses (which may confuse some recipients and exposes
IP Address schemes), could we have a Admin defined preference to control
if the IP Address line is sent as part of the message to the recipient?
May I suggest you to just edit the message template .tpl and do
whatever you like.

Jules separated logic and interface so you may even override the
templates using different language or more appropriate terms

I did exactly this to customize interface and messages

Take a look into the templates directory and you'll find many .tpl
files: they are mostly php/html with some placeholders inside: very easy
to edit ad do whatever you like.

Bes regards

Alessandro Bianchi


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