Welcome to the worst home page in existence.
No dragons were harmed in the making of this page (as far as I know).
The only things here are:
1. Split GlobalProtect routing — Keep your privacy!Windows Split GlobalProtect.msi 64-bit installer. Just download and run it. You need to have administrator rights to use it. That's no problem on your own PC/laptop, and you should have administrator rights on your University laptop too (just not desktop PCs). It enables itself by default. To turn it on and off, look in the Start Menu for "Split GlobalProtect".
2. Split GlobalProtect routing — Keep your privacy!Mac script. Open the file with TextEdit and follow the instructions at the top of it.
3. Remove University warning about external email
from the top of messages when you reply to them
Thunderbird extension. Open the Add-ons list (or "Extensions & Themes") in Thunderbird and drag the "yellow.xpi" file onto the Thunderbird window.