[ZendTo] Limit authentication by user-name

Jules Field Jules at Zend.To
Thu Jun 16 14:09:41 BST 2022

Hi John,

Greg's suggestion should work fine if he says it does.

I just wanted to say that there isn't an exclusion regexp, you can stop 
looking for one. :-)


On 16/06/2022 12:02 am, John Thurston via ZendTo wrote:
> Experimentation shows I can get the behavior I seek by prepending
>   (?!.*-(foo|bar|baz)$)
> to the default usernameRegexp (well, prepending it to the expression, 
> not the string. So stuffing it between the / and the ^)
> The result is a line in the log, of the form:
>   Warning: illegal username "jimmy-joe-foo" attempted to login
> I still haven't found an exclusion regexp, so this may have to do.
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> On 6/15/2022 12:08 PM, John Thurston via ZendTo wrote:
>> We expect internal users to authenticate to ZendTo to perform their
>> transfers. There is a subset of accounts we think should _not_ be
>> allowed to authenticate. These accounts are recognizable because their
>> usernames end with magic strings:
>>    -foo
>>    -bar
>> I see 'usernameRegexp' in the config file:
>>    // Regular expression defining a valid username for the Login page.
>>    // Usually no need to change this.
>>    'usernameRegexp'    => '/^([a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9\_\.\-\@\\\]*)$/i',
>> Is this where I might try to hack together a regexp which would fail to
>> match those magic strings?
>> Is there a different regexp (which I have not yet found) which defines
>> an exclusion list of usernames?
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