[ZendTo] Migrating current drop-offs to a new Zend.to server

Glenn Noel glenn.noel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 18:16:56 BST 2021

Hello Zendto community,

I have an older Zend.to server running Ubuntu Server 16.04.6 LTS running
Zend Ver. 5.19-1.  I've deployed and configured a new server running Ubuntu
Server 20.04.3 LTS running Zend Ver 6.11-2.

My new server is ready for production, but I'd like to move any existing
drop-offs from the old server to the new server.

I have looked over the zend.to site, but have been unable to find any
documentation about how to move the drop-offs.  I also found some older
posts about others that have done this, but I wanted to check if anyone
could point me in the right direction for up-to-date instructions on how to
do this?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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