[ZendTo] Number of files in a drop off.

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Tue Jul 13 15:35:05 BST 2021


Yes there is, the limit is 200 files per drop-off.
I didn't see why anyone would sensibly need more than that. Beyond that, 
they would be much better off using a zip file or similar archive; 
that's what they're for.
Beyond 200 or so you would probably want a directory structure too, 
rather than simply a flat list of hundreds of files.

If you want to change the number, in the current version it's set in 
/opt/zendto/lib/NSSDropoff.php line 2467. It's the only occurrence of 
"200" in that file, apart from in the year in the comment at the top. As 
you have the source, feel free to change it.

If many people want it changed, I could turn it into a preferences.php 
setting instead. But that seemed a little OTT.
I could also just increase it, as it shouldn't have any security or 
other implications provided it doesn't get ridiculously huge.


On 13/07/2021 02:53, Greg Clarke via ZendTo wrote:
> Hi there
> Is there a limit on the number of files that can be in a drop off?
> I have a user claiming that there is a limit of 255 files.
> And yes, I will be educating them in the wonders of zip archives.
> Have a good day.
> Greg
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