[ZendTo] Patch for recaptcha and tne new_dropoff.js problem (for the beta)

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Wed Sep 9 09:41:34 BST 2020


All you should need to do is add
to header.tpl.

That should fix it all for you.


On 08/09/2020 08:42, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> Hi!
> Sorry to come over this again, but I've just learned that the full url
> is being used all over the code, templates are full of $zendToURL uses
> :-(
>> I just realised that I had posted the diff reversed, what I was
>> suggesting was to remove the {$zendToURL} from the action.
>> I finally just realised that! :-)
>>   At least on
>> my setup it is causing me the troubles I was explaining and without it
>> it works as expected, I fail to see why was the zendToURL added there.
>> Fair point. It just worries me that I put it there for some good reason, so I want to have a think before I take it out.
>> I've got some sites who have ZendTo embedded in an iframe, maybe it was for them?
>> I'll have a think...
> Like I said, this usage is breaking all that I want to do, as I want
> to have the external users hit one domain and the internal users a
> different one (it is the same machine, externals see it through a
> proxy while internals don't).
> I never liked web apps to use full urls or absolute ones because when
> you are trying to proxify things you always get to points where things
> break, typically this means that the internal address is shown
> outside, here I have zendToURL set to the external address, so what I
> find is that the internal guys try to access the external address.
> I started removing the zendToURL on the case I sent you, but when
> testing the full setup from inside... I found out that a lot of things
> were broken, basically everything that sends a post, and it was
> because of this zendToURL things.
> I'm wondering if there is some other way to solve this other than
> removing zendToURL all around the templates and maybe the code as
> well, I'm still wondering why they are there anyway, as for me
> (playing with proxies, having the site on a subdirectory, ...)
> relative paths work ok.
> So basically I'm a bit stuck here, I didn't want to change all the
> templates, but I don't see any other alternative right now :-(
> Any ideas?
> Regards...



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