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And also, make sure that the dirs and files in /var/zendto/library are 
all read-write by Apache and NOT globally writable.
You make each directory the username who owns those files, and then put 
the files in their dir.
If you're using SAML authentication, then the dir name needs to be the 
user's email address (i.e. whatever they log in with).

If you are running on CentOS/RedHat and might be using SELinux, then 
you'll probably need to tell SELinux the files in there are okay too:
     restorecon -FRv /var/zendto/library
Giving the files 777 *may* stop it working, as they are then globally 
writable (which a lot of things don't like!).
Create the username dirs and files as shown like this:
     chmod -R ug=rwX,o=rX /var/zendto/library
     chown -R apache:apache /var/zendto/library
If you are on Ubuntu/Debian, use "www-data" instead of "apache" in the 2 
lines above.

If you upload to there via webdav (as intended), then SELinux won't get 
in the way, as the web server creates the files in the first place, and 
all the permissions will be correct.

You will need to use htpasswd to write and update the contents of the 
/var/zendto/library.passwd file.
But that's all standard Apache / WebDAV stuff, not specific to ZendTo at 

Hope that helps,

On 20/08/2020 16:25, Massimo Forni via ZendTo wrote:
> No, sorry my bad, I was looking at the wrong directory…
> In addition what you are referring is the webdav access to the 
> filesystem directory for users to upload files
> Thank you anyway
> *From:*Travis Zimmerman <TZimmerman at fsu.edu>
> *Sent:* giovedì 20 agosto 2020 17:22
> *To:* ZendTo Users <zendto at zend.to>
> *Cc:* Massimo Forni <Massimo.Forni at turboden.it>
> *Subject:* Re: [ZendTo] Library of Files
> Did you uncomment the lines in Apache confs for the Library feature?
>   # Uncomment this to get the WebDAV support working, so users
>   # can easily upload files for the "library of files" feature.
>   # You also need to run these 3 commands as root:
>   #     a2enmod dav_fs
>   #     a2enmod dav
>   #     service httpd restart
>   #Alias /library /var/zendto/library
>   #<Location /library>
>   #        DAV on
>   #        AuthUserFile /var/zendto/library.passwd
>   #        AuthName "ZendTo Library"
>   #        AuthType Basic
>   #        Require valid-user
>   #</Location>
> ------------------------------------------------------
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>     On Aug 20, 2020, at 10:47 AM, Massimo Forni via ZendTo
>     <zendto at zend.to <mailto:zendto at zend.to>> wrote:
>     Hello everyone,
>     I am trying the “Library of Files” features but I think something
>     must be off with my configuration as I am not seeing any changes
>     in the UI.
>     I set the preferences
>     'usingLibrary' => TRUE,
>     'libraryDirectory' =>NSSDROPBOX_DATA_DIR."library",
>     I also tried to give 777 as a permission to that library and the
>     test file inside but nothing works
>     I also tried creating a folder with the name equal to my username
>     and again no changes in the UI
>     Has anyone been successful using this feature?
>     Thank you!
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