[ZendTo] China Firewall Captcha compliant

arnaud Chevalier arnaud_chevalier at hotmail.fr
Wed Oct 23 16:07:16 BST 2019

Dear Mailing List,

Thank you very much for added me in.

Like i said in the object i'm struggling with the China Firewall, with the basic configuration of Zendto, the recaptcha just disappear on the page when a client access it from china.

What i tried :

Plan A : Change google.com to recaptcha.net in config files => same effect (disappearance)

Plan B :  Roll-Back config files and Proxying and Reverse-proxying google.com as mydomain.com => works during ~3 months, then same effect (disappearance)

So plan C is to implement another captcha service that works in china like alibaba , did some of you tried that?

If you have any hint, i would appreciate a lot!

Have a nice day.


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