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Brian Smith brian at lifetrends.com
Wed Jun 12 21:32:23 BST 2019

It does let me in. It creates auth logs. I should also mention that I upgraded in place to the Beta (rather than starting from scratch). I took a snapshot of my production instance, spun up a new instance using that snapshot, and then ran the upgrade using the beta .deb file directly. If you think that could be the cause of this, I can try starting from scratch instead.


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Try logging in to the web interface as your auto user. Does it let you in, and if not does it log anything?

On 12 Jun 2019, at 9:14 pm, Brian Smith <brian at lifetrends.com<mailto:brian at lifetrends.com>> wrote:
Hello Jules,

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work (I could be doing something wrong). I’ve created a local user using adduser called “auto”. I have “Multi” set under authenticator and authMultiAuthenticators set to “array(‘Local’, ‘LDAP’)”. I’ve also tried swapping the order to LDAP then Local.  This is the command I’m running (with identifying info changed):

/opt/zendto/bin/autorequest -u auto -p the*passw0rD -n ‘Jane Doe’ -e jane at email.com<mailto:jane at email.com> -o OrgName -s 'Test Automated Email' -t 'Note in test automated email.' -N 'John Doe' -E john at email.com<mailto:john at email.com> 'https://zend.orgname.com'

No system logs are created (that I can find) and no errors.



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That should be easy using the "Multi" authenticator in ZendTo. Make it look at both Local and LDAP/AD, and add it as a local user with the /opt/zendto/bin/adduser command.

Do let me know how you get on. If it works fine, I'll add it to the comments in the preferences.php file where it describes the automation users.

On 12/06/2019 16:48, Brian Smith via ZendTo wrote:
We use LDAP authentication on our ZendTo instance. I would like to make the automationUsers a local (to the server) user and not authenticate that user via LDAP. Is that possible?

Thank you,



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