[ZendTo] ANNOUNCE: new beta 5.22-1 released

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Sun Dec 29 18:39:45 GMT 2019

Hi all!

I'm finally back to a state to start working on ZendTo again. It's going 
to be a while before I go back to my day job, but starting gently on a 
bit of ZendTo seemed appropriate.

I've aimed to fix as many of the outstanding bug reports as I can (I 
think I've got them all!), along with improving the Installer by fixing 
some bugs and adding support for CentOS 8, Ubuntu 19 and Debian 10 (Buster).

Download instructions are on the beta page at

Here is the full Change Log:
- Added support for CentOS 8, Ubuntu 19 and Debian 10 (Buster) to the 
- Fixed self-signed certs generated by the Installer so they work in 
MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Apple have added a bunch of constraints, see 
- Followed Google's advice to fetch reCAPTCHA from www.recaptcha.net 
instead of www.google.com, to improve the chances of it working from China.
   Note: this requires a change to the Content-Security-Policy header if 
you are setting that.
- If you edit new_dropoff.tpl to make the "encrypt all files" box 
checked by default, it will now correctly prompt for the passphrase when 
the user tries to complete the drop-off process.
- Fixed bug where dropoffs that were the result of requests would have 
the wrong sender's organisation displayed.
- Removed 'CopyrightYear' setting from zendto.conf. It is now just set 
to the current year, saving you having to update it each year.
- 'One of the recipients' changed to 'one of the recipients' to fix a 
capitalisation issue.
- Fixed escaping bug in log entries. Thanks to Ana-Maria Popescu 
@amiutza ana.popescu at codegrazer.com for this and the mime type sanitising.
- Added extra layer of sanitising to mime type metadata.
- Fixed bugs in Ubuntu/Debian installer and .deb package relating to log 
file permissions.

Please can you give it a try for me?

Thanks all!



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