[ZendTo] manually retrieve an encrypted file?

MICHAEL R MASSE mrm at medicine.wisc.edu
Fri Oct 12 15:28:38 BST 2018

Is there a way as the administrator of the system hosting my Zendto service that I can decrypt a file that's been uploaded if I have the passphrase?  I have direct access to the sqlite database to get the key as well, but I'm not sure what to do with either.

I'm running 5.15-1 and the system works fine except one single user is trying to receive a file from someone outside of the system and when they try to download this specific file after typing in the passphrase they just get a http 500 error.    The sender does not receive any errors when uploading.   It actually doesn't matter if the recipient types a correct passphrase or not, they always get an http 500 error on this particular file.    As an administrator if I try to download the file and regardless of the passphrase I enter (correct or not) I get an http 500 error as well.  This does not happen for anyone else for any other files in the system sent before or after.    Also, for every other file on the system, if an incorrect passphrase is used, the system says it's incorrect like it should instead of giving an http 500 error.   I told the person to have their sender send the file again, and it again throws an http 500 error.    It's only a 2mb file so there's nothing weird about it.    After telling them to upload the file twice and having it fail I'd like to just decrypt the file that's there and manually give it to the recipient since he's local, and then worry about troubleshooting the problem later.


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