[ZendTo] A login and URL oddity

Mike Brudenell mike.brudenell at york.ac.uk
Tue Oct 31 09:35:29 GMT 2017


Firstly, my apologies for a couple of very basic questions: although I set
up ZendTo at our site originally a colleague now looks after it and he's on
leave so I'm trying to track down a couple of minor problems we're having
and would really appreciate some pointers…

*Home page/Logging in*
We're running ZendTo version 4.20. Its home page has a "Home| and "Login"
tab, with the "Login" tab selected by default. Just below that are two text
boxes into which you enter your username and password. These have a
*Login* button
to the right, and clicking this logs you in OK.

However just below this area there is a heading saying "If you are a
University of York user, you may login here:" with a big *Login* button
just below. Clicking this button takes you to a very minimal login page
(with the same username/password box but the rest of the home page text
replaced with *Please login above*. This happens even if you've entered
your username and password into the text boxes at the top.

It just seems… wrong: having two *Login* buttons, one of which accepts the
entered username/password and lets you in bu the other doesn't.

Have we got something wrong or is this expected behaviour?

*Malformed URLs in reminder emails*
Somebody has reported that the reminder emails ZendTo sends out to the
recipient when they've not yet picked up their dropoff contain a malformed
URL. In particular the link it invites you to click on/copy'n'paste looks
like this:


That is, the leading "https://servername/" is missing.

I've been peering at the source and configuration to see if we've forgotten
something and can see that the email comes from
*templates/dropoff_email.tpl*. This is inserting the variable $zendToURL
where the protocol and servername part of the URL is to go, but presumably
this is empty.

Rummaging deeper, it looks like $zendToURL is set in *lib/NSSDropbox.php*

But I can't see where $NSSDROPBOX_URL is set other than from HTTP variables
such as SERVER_NAME etc.

I guess I must be missing something because I assume these will only be set
within the web server, and not by whatever cron job etc generates the
reminder emails. What do I need to do to get the web links in these
reminders correct? (Looking back at old reminders from previous
installations I can see they worked back then, so I guess we've
missed/messed something!)

Any advice very gratefully received!
In the meantime I'll keep rummaging…

Mike B-)

Systems Administrator & Change Manager
IT Services, University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD, UK
Tel: +44-(0)1904-323811

Web: www.york.ac.uk/it-services
Disclaimer: www.york.ac.uk/docs/disclaimer/email.htm
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