[ZendTo] Session issues

Marcos PS marcos.parrell at deiser.com
Mon Aug 21 12:54:51 BST 2017



We are having some issues with ZendTo sessions, when you are on a restricted
to internal users space (like Outbox or any other), if you try to reload the
site using Ctrl+F5, sometimes we receive an access denied alert:


# Access Denied

# This feature is only available to users who have logged in.


Once received this warning, if you keep trying Ctrl+F5 sometimes you get
into the requested page.


We cannot see any error on our logs (ZendTo/Apache), and the cookie are
generated properly in the local computer.


We are using ZendTo (over SSL) 4.28 on a Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS and the cookies
TTL are set as per default 86400.

Our authentication method is AD with 4 DCs able to authenticate the users.

We have configured a NTP client that keeps synchronized the time with our DC
and the time zone is properly set.


Do you have observed this behavior previously?.


Best regards and many thanks in advance,


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