[ZendTo] Users unable to upload large(r) files.

Edwin Pers EPers at ansencorp.com
Tue Aug 1 16:12:30 BST 2017

My first thought is that godaddy's (shared) webservers aren't allowing you to upload large files. Seeing as you can't really change the configuration of these httpd's, you're probably SOL

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I've "inherited" a ZendTo install which is displaying some strange behavior.    This is running on a GoDaddy hosted site so my admin access is strictly through cPanel.   The web developer installed version 4.27 and imported the MySQL database from the previous CentOS server it had been running on.  There were some issues after the migration  which have mostly been figured out, but I'm still seeing a problem when users attempt to upload files larger than 1MB or so.   Smaller files of a few kb work fine but it seems that as soon as the file is large enough to get a progress bar, the upload fails and the Dropoff Summary page displays a "No files in the dropoff... something is amiss!" error message.

I have set the ClamAV preference line to 'Disabled' but the progress bar still shows a 'Scanning this file for virus' message as part of the upload.

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