[ZendTo] Unable to write to DB

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Mon Nov 28 09:09:21 GMT 2016

I did say it might not work. It clearly doesn't, not for your version 

I am actively working on an update. The new CentOS/RedHat installer is 
getting there. Hopefully some of that will be good for the Ubuntu 
installer as well. The app itself hasn't had much serious testing yet.


On 25/11/2016 21:55, Chris Day wrote:
> Jules,
> Apologies.  I had a typo in Timestamp.php
> After retrying with your patch in place, the error is now:
> Upload Error
> You must choose at least one file to drop-off. Use the back button in 
> your browser to go back and fix this omission before trying again.
> __
> Chris
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