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The answer to your question about the address the email appears to come 
from may also imply that you have an old version of the "deliverEmail" 
function in /opt/zendto/lib/NSSDropbox.php.

Find the definition of that function in that file (search for 
"deliverEmail" and you should find a line saying something like
     public function deliverEmail(
If your version has 5 parameters like the updated version I'm including 
for you below, you can *probably* replace your version of that function 
with this one. But **MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF THE FILE FIRST!!!** in case 
it doesn't work.

Here's the current code for that function, if you choose to try 
replacing your existing copy of that function:
     @function deliverEmail

     Send the $content of an email message to (one or more) address(es) in
   public function deliverEmail(
     $headers = ""
     // If it contains any characters outside 0x00-0x7f, then encode it
     if (preg_match('/[^\x00-\x7f]/', $subject)) {
       $subject = 
     if (preg_match('/[^\x00-\x7f]/', $fromAddr)) {
       $fromAddr = 
     if (preg_match('/[^\x00-\x7f]/', $this->_emailSenderAddr)) {
       $sender = 
     } else {
       $sender = $this->_emailSenderAddr;

     // Add the From: and Reply-To: headers if they have been supplied.
     if ($fromAddr!="") {
       $headers = sprintf("From: %s", $sender) . PHP_EOL .
                  sprintf("Reply-to: %s", $fromAddr) . PHP_EOL .

     // Add the MIME headrs for 8-bit UTF-8 encoding
     $headers .= "MIME-Version: 1.0".PHP_EOL;
     $headers .= "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8; 
     $headers .= "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit".PHP_EOL;

     return mail(
               $headers // JKF Commented out for now due to security 
concerns ,
               // JKF Commented out for now due to security concerns
               // '-f "'.$fromAddr.'"'


Do not put the "CODE STARTS HERE" or "CODE ENDS HERE" lines into your 
NSSDropbox.php file.

You can run the command
     php -l NSSDropbox.php
to check the syntax of what you have just pasted in.
There's a chance your email client (or my email client or the list 
manager) may wrap the code above badly, thereby breaking it.

That version should make the recipient's email app have the sender's 
address in the "From:" and "Reply-To:" headers, which I think is what 
you are asking for.

BTW I am working on an update at the moment. The ZendTo code is done, 
but needs some more testing.
The installer is getting the most work. I've got it done for RedHat and 
CentOS versions 5, 6 and 7.
Ubuntu next.
I'm automating the whole thing, including all the PHP rebuilding, 
SELinux support, firewall support, everything.
And you can just have it run whatever bits of the process you want to, 
so no need to risk it damaging your carefully configured email setup or 
anything like that.
But if you run it on a blank server you've just installed RedHat/CentOS 
on, it will do everything needed except preferences.php and zendto.conf.


On 23/11/2016 14:55, Matthew Moore wrote:
> Hi,
> Less sure about the second question, but the answer to the first one can be found here:
> http://zend.to/preferences.php
> You need to amend EmailSenderAddress to change the email account.  It comes from that account always.  AFAIK you can't set it so that it comes from the user who added the drop off.
> Cheers,
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> Subject: [ZendTo] Recipient Pickup Identification
> Morning all!
> I'm hoping that you can help me with two things.
> First, when an internal sender drops off a file, the notification message to the recipient doesn't show as coming from the sender.  It shows as coming from the administrator account.  Where is this configured?  One of the problems is that if there is a NDR or an out of the office email returned, it comes to the administrator account, it does not go to the internal person that dropped off the file.
> Secondly, looking at a dropoff summary, where the information is listed on who picked up the file, everything looks good with the exception of the Recipient.  It always shows "%s" (sans quotes) instead of the name or email address of the recipient that picked up the file.  I'm guessing that variable isn't being filled in somewhere…
> I'm on version 4.01 and I'm hesitant to upgrade as this works so beautifully (except for the two issues above ☺)
> Thanks!
> Dale
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