[ZendTo] A head's up about the mailing list

Stewart Campbell Stewart.Campbell at pulsion.co.uk
Fri Nov 11 09:16:17 GMT 2016

I sent an email regarding this a while ago. Domains that have SPF/DKIM/DMARC set up will have problems even sending mail to this list as it sends all list emails ‘on behalf of’ the sender. My domain does not have this list in its SPF record so it will fail.

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Subject: [ZendTo] A head's up about the mailing list

Just a head's up to the person/people who run the mailing list…

For the past few months Google are now flagging all messages form the list with a a red "this message is a little suspicious" question mark indicator because there's no valid SPF or DKIM for it.

It needs one or both of:

  *   an SPF record setting up for the "zend.to<http://zend.to>" domain that authorises the mail servers transmitting the list's messages to do so, and/or
  *   DKIM signatures being added to the messages, ideally with "d=zend.to<http://zend.to>" as the attribute in the signature.
Adding either or both of these should eliminate the warnings.

Mike B-)

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