[ZendTo] Unable to write to DB

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Thu Nov 10 17:46:52 GMT 2016

Test a manual connection to the database using the "mysql" command with 
the credentials given in your /opt/zendto/config/preferences.php file.
Does "show tables;" list the tables you expect?

If you need to recreate the database, then this should do it:
# service mysqld start
# mysql
mysql> CREATE DATABASE zendto;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON zendto.* TO zendto at localhost
     IDENTIFIED by 'zendtopassword';
mysql> quit
where "zendtopassword" is a password of your own.
# mysql --user=zendto --password='zendtopassword' zendto < 

(where you should obviously substitute things with the correct username, 
password and database name as set in your preferences.php file).

Hope that helps,

On 09/11/2016 18:24, Dariusz Radoszek wrote:
> I'm having the same problem after upgrading to MySQL 5.6. I'm currently
> on version 5.6.34. It was working perfectly for couple of years on 5.5.
> Trying to drop any file either from library or as an upload gives me
> this message:
> Upload Error
> Unable to add a dropoff record to the database, please notify the
> administrator.
> I can't find anything helpful after enabling MySQL query log.


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