[ZendTo] Two or more authentication servers? LDAP and/or IMAP

Brad Firestone bhotrock at gmail.com
Fri May 27 16:01:29 BST 2016

Hi All,

I would like to setup ZendTo to authenticate against two DIFFERENT servers.  One would definitely be an LDAP server.  The second server could work either as LDAP or IMAP since it's our email server.  These servers have different sets of users, but there is some overlap.

User accounts on the LDAP server are based on a "uid" attribute.  But unique email addresses are required for every account and stored as the "mail" attribute.  These users should be able to login to ZendTo using their "uid" username and LDAP stored password.

The user accounts on the email server should require logging in with the full email address:  user at example.com with the password for the email account.

Is it possible to use both of these servers to authenticate both groups of users on a single ZendTo system?  If so, does it matter if they are both using LDAP, or is it better/worse to use LDAP for one and IMAP for the other?

Is it also possible to be sure that if someone only enters a "uid" username (without @example.com) that authentication will be performed using the LDAP server, and if they enter a full email address, that authentication will be performed using the email server?  The main reason for wanting this is because it's possible for the password for user "joe" on the LDAP server to be different from the password for "joe at example.com" (even if "joe at example.com is the "mail" attribute for "uid"=joe on the LDAP server).

I hope this is clear.  I'll be happy to answer any questions if this is too confusing.  :-)

Thanks for any guidance you can give!

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