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Artyom Aleksandrov mailing.list at tem4uk.ru
Thu May 29 17:01:15 BST 2014

Hi, I added multi upload  feature with l function that you describe.

It was about 8 month ago in this maillist and for zendto 4.10.

Unfortunately I don't know why Jules didn't accept my patch.
On May 27, 2014 10:53 PM, "Marlon R Deerr" <MDeerr at tgf.ca> wrote:

>   I don’t have an answer to this but that would be a much welcomed new
> feature. Just the other days I was training some staff members on how to
> use our site and I added multiple files for drop off to the list.  Couldn’t
> delete individual files so I was forced to start the process over again.
> Good suggestion!
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> Just had a user ask how to remove a file from the list of files to upload
> prior to selecting the "Drop off Files" button.  I think it would be
> helpful if there was an X to the right of each file so a user could remove
> file(s) as needed.  Anyone know how to make this happen?  Or is this an
> enhancement request for Jules?
> Regards,
> Ken Etter
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