[ZendTo] Re: Upload stalls on dropoff

Elston, Ian I.Elston at bolton.ac.uk
Fri Aug 1 11:03:09 BST 2014

I saw a similar issue - turned out to be clamAV scanning the uploaded file.  I never got to the bottom of why it was doing it so just added a warning to the upload page that said that large drop-offs might appear to be hung as they are virus-scanned. 

Check what processes are happening when you're uploading a file/it appears hung. 

Ian Elston
Networks & Developments
The University of Bolton

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Any chance you are running out of disk space?  I setup Zendto as a fairly small virtual server and ran into this problem.


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Hello All,

I have been using zendto for serval months now and it has been working just find.  A user tried to use it a week ago and it seems that when uploading any file the system (Upload) hangs.  I have check log files for errors and I do not see any errors.  I have checked permissions of the calmav daemon and still no luck.  Is there a way to debug my problem on an upload?  Any suggestion of where to look?

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