[ZendTo] ZendTo Request a Drop-off, Ldap user with cyrilic letters is not shown in the email

dmytro dmytro at icexpert.ru
Mon Jul 8 17:19:07 BST 2013


First thanks a lot for zendto! It's a really very nice application.

I've installed and configured zendto. And everything is working very well. For user authentication I've set up an active directory authentication. Unfortunately most of the users in AD have first and a last name written in cyrilic. So when I send e-mails with a request to drop off, there is empty space instead of the sender name.
Here is detailed procedure:

1.       I've loged in into zendto and clicked to request a drop off. My user name has Cyrillic symbols (field From:).

[cid:image001.jpg at 01CE7C07.A7C0D190]

2.       If I'm trying to send a request with a user name (field Name:) written in cyrrilic, I'm getting an error message

[cid:image002.jpg at 01CE7C07.A7C0D190]

3.       If I change to the name written not in Cyrillic there is no issues with sending a request.

[cid:image003.jpg at 01CE7C07.A7C0D190]

4.       As you can see on the screen shot above  there are also other fields (Subject:, Note:) with some text in Cyrillic, which are shown in the received e-mail without any problems. But only for the user name (from the active directory), who sent a request, there is an empty space (yellow highlighted).  Subject and Note show text sent in cyrillic.

[cid:image004.png at 01CE7C07.A7C0D190]

So I have two issues:

*         I can't enter a name in Cyrillic in the request form

*         A sender name (from the active directory) is not shown in the e-mail, if it has Cyrillic letters.

Could you point me on how I could fix these two small issues?

Many thanks in advance!!!!!

Best regards

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