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Joerg Muehlberger j.muehlberger at sbp.de
Tue Jul 2 12:13:15 BST 2013

Hello Jules,

the "security aspects" are not because we do not trust you code, It is 
more that I would be administrating this machine and I am not part of our 
IT crew. That is why I would like to place this server in our DMZ with 
least as possible access to our network, so that if anything happens I am 
not the guilty person. One other solution would be to host this on a 
dedicated root server and this would mean no direct access to our AD or an 
additional VPN needed.

I hope that you are already back from hospital and are feeling better.



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I'm afraid I've never written a web-based tool for administering local 
I don't quite see why for "security aspects" you would not use the very 
secure authentication system you already have. Not using it seems a little 
nuts to me, that's exactly what it's there for.


On 29/05/2013 12:00, Joerg Muehlberger wrote:
Hello everybody, 

I made a test installation of Zendto, as we are looking for a software 
exactly like that. 
The only thing that is "missing" would be an easy user administration 
interface for local users. Due to security aspects we do not want to 
connect it with our AD... 

So the question is, if the same email verification mechanism that is used 
for external users could be used for creating (local) internal users. 
Another wish would be to have a password changing possibility for 
local/internal users. 

I have searched the list for similar requests but did not find any, and 
now I am curious whether any of this might already be in the pipeline or 

Thank you for your help! 

Jörg Mühlberger 

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