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Jules Jules at Zend.To
Tue Feb 19 13:55:07 GMT 2013

There's no comprehensive list, as it probably works with all sorts of 
browsers (right down to elinks and lynx).
IE6 is not supported.

If you want to do 2GB uploads (and bigger) then if you're stuck on 
Windows then make sure you're running a 64-bit version, and then use 
either a recent Chrome or IE9 64-bit. Forget Firefox for 2GB uploads, 
they show no interest in fixing their upload bugs. I do like folks who 
use a *signed* 32-bit integer for holding the information related to 
progress of an uploaded file. :-(

If you're on a Mac, just fire away, everything works perfectly, there 
are no 32-bit apps any more really anyway. Safari on a Mac will upload 
20GB at a time if you ask it to.

You just need CSS and JavaScript support (and what browser hasn't?). As 
I said you'll only ever hit problems with older/buggier browsers when 
uploading files over 2GB. Then 32-bit systems bite you, as do crappy 

I hope that helps a bit!


On 15/02/2013 10:21, Andy Skyrme wrote:
> Hi
> we've recently implementd Zend To here at Cardiff University and I've 
> been asked by one of our service managers if there is a comprehensive 
> list available of supported browers?
> If anyone has such a list it would be much appreciated
> Regards
> Dr Andy Skyrme
> Cardiff University Servers & Database Team
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