[ZendTo] Re: Large file (2GB) with the ubuntu 12 Virtual Machine

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Tue Feb 19 13:25:54 GMT 2013


Sorry for not being in touch for so long, I've been ill (and am still 
bouncing in and out of hospitals at the moment).

On 07/02/2013 19:34, John Thurston wrote:
> On 2/6/2013 11:40 AM, John Thurston wrote:
>> I've taken the Ubuntu 12 VM (as built and generously provided by Jules)
>> and placed it on two different environments:
>>     A) Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.6
>>     B) VMWare esxi 5.0.something
>> In both cases I am unable to use ZendTo to move files larger then 2GB.
>> As visible from the browser-side, the failure mode varies, but none
>> succeeds.
> And I now have a clue what's wrong, and it has nothing to do with the VM
> platform on which they are running. I upgraded zendto using apt-get!
> Out of the box, it works perfectly. After I do an
>      apt-get --upgrade-only zendto
> it doesn't like files larger than 2GB. Now I just need to learn why.
Is it overwriting preferences.php? Check your settings after upgrading. 
"apt-get upgrade" isn't always as careful as it might be with files it 
should be keeping and leaving a new version alongside for you to copy 
your own settings into.

And make sure you don't upgrade PHP, or else the libphp5.so file will 
get overwritten, which will break >2GB uploads.

Also, if you're stuck on Windows, make sure you're at least running a 
64-bit version, and then try Chrome (or else IE9 64-bit). Firefox is 
hopeless at big uploads, as is IE9 32-bit (the normal version).


> Should I expect that upgrade process to work on the Ubuntu VM?
> (Yes, I did modify the preferences.php with new MAX sizes and
> re-configure my ldap authenticator after the upgrade.)
> Jules
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