[ZendTo] Re: Drop-off by request only - has anyone else wanted this?

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Tue Feb 19 12:37:38 GMT 2013

You could just edit the main menu template and remove the "Dropoff" 
button from the menu that's displayed to not-logged-in users. It's in 
/opt/zendto/templates/main_menu.tpl. All your changes to that file will 
survive future upgrades.


On 01/02/2013 23:01, John Thurston wrote:
> I've been asked by one of my bosses if we can remove the uninvited drop
> off feature. That is, it won't matter if you can supply an email address
> and answer a captcha. The only way you can drop a file off is by
> invitation with a "request code". The concern is the ability of an
> arbitrary outsider to use a semi-trusted email vector for phishing attempts.
> I think it is a valid attack vector, but one which would be sufficiently
> slow and difficult to exploit that it doesn't concern me very much.
> However, I'm here to ask if anyone else has wanted or needed to disable
> this feature.
> (Or, is the joke on me and there already IS a way to disable this feature?)
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