[ZendTo] Large file (2GB) with the ubuntu 12 Virtual Machine

John Thurston john.thurston at alaska.gov
Wed Feb 6 20:40:55 GMT 2013

I've taken the Ubuntu 12 VM (as built and generously provided by Jules) 
and placed it on two different environments:
   A) Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.6
   B) VMWare esxi 5.0.something
In both cases I am unable to use ZendTo to move files larger then 2GB. 
As visible from the browser-side, the failure mode varies, but none 

The first question is, what is a reliable platform from which to test 
the transfers? I've built an Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64-bit workstation (with 
64-bit chrome) on Oracle VirtualBox. I've also used the LTS live-cd to 
run 64-bit chrome on a physical machine. Has anyone seen either of these 
combinations work with large files?

It has been stated before that the best browser test-platform is OSX, 
but my workplace has no OSX systems, and I can't afford to test multiple 
2GB transfers from my personal OSX system :(

The second question is, should I be expecting the provided VM to handle 
large files on either of these VM platforms?

On the server-side:
   I've created files larger than 2GB in the filesystem
   I've scp'd in files larger than 2GB
   I'm not running this behind any proxy (though I'd like to)
   libphp5.so-UBUNTU-ORIG and libphp5.so exist in 
/usr/lib/apache2/modules so it looks to me like it has the correct .so

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