[ZendTo] Re: Gray McCord SQL issues

Gray McCord gdm at sangabriel.com
Sun Feb 3 17:39:46 GMT 2013

Thanks, Ben. What I've discovered is that the login failure seems to only
happen when I try to login from the zendto server system itself. If I
access from another system, it seems to work just fine.  Just can't use it
from the server.  Very odd.


Gray McCord
Adapt, Mutate, Migrate, or Die
                                                          -C. Darwin

On 2/3/13 9:13 AM, "Ben Murray" <bmurray at statussystems.com> wrote:

>I had similar problems in the beginning with Ubuntu and SQLite. I ended
>up dumping SQLite and using MySQL as I am more familiar with it.
>For your centos install double check the permissions on your database.
>Also check the logs for MySQL. Seems to me zendto is having trouble
>reading the database. Make sure the myzendto user has at least Read
>Thank you
>On 2013-02-03, at 3:54 AM, "zendto-request at zend.to"
><zendto-request at zend.to> wrote:
>> Gray McCord
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