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Edgar R. Silva esilva at adinet.com.uy
Thu Oct 25 12:53:54 BST 2012

                Ok, i have set de last 2 to '' and not autenthicate


'authLDAPMemberKey'     => '',

                       'authLDAPMemberRole'    => '',






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On 24/10/2012 20:41, Edgar R. Silva wrote:

I can not configure LDAP authentication

I have several programs with LDAP authentication (joomla and vtiger) and
work well

I have Windows 2008 Servers


// Settings for the LDAP authenticator.


   'authenticator'         => 'LDAP',

   'authLDAPBaseDN'        => 'CN=users,DC=suarez,DC=celsius,DC=com,DC=uy',

   'authLDAPServers'       =>

   'authLDAPAccountSuffix' => '',

   'authLDAPUseSSL'        => false,

   'authLDAPBindDn'        =>

   'authLDAPBindPass'      => 'administrator password here',

   'authLDAPOrganization'  => 'i dont know here',

// This is the list of LDAP properties used to build the user's full name

  'authLDAPFullName'      => 'i dont know here',

// If both these 2 settings are set, then the users must be members of this

// group/role.

  'authLDAPMemberKey'     => 'MemberOf',

  'authLDAPMemberRole'    => 'CN=users,DC=suarez,DC=celsius,DC=com,DC=uy',

Start by setting the last 2 to '' as you aren't using that facility. It's so
you can have a large tree under of users under your BaseDN, but only allow a
few users who are a member of a specific group to use ZendTo.

That may be all it is.

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