[ZendTo] Re: Some feedback. Direct link to share. localIPSubnets. Pickup details.

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Fri Oct 12 09:19:50 BST 2012

On 11/10/2012 08:38, Artyom Aleksandrov wrote:
> Hi!
> It's my first post a this mailing list, so I would like to say Thank
> you Julian and other people.
> Some days ago I launched Zendto in my company.
> Yesterday I got some feedback from users, I think may be this things
> are good and useful.
> 1) On the page pickup.php (Drop-Off Summary) near strings
> "ClaimID/Claim Passcode" add direct link to page.
> Example:
> Claim ID: 7syaa3Zbgp7g8tvd Claim Passcode: u1KoPXiBGNWxYjnS
> Link to this page:
> https://example.com/pickup.php?claimID=7syaa3Zbgp7g8tvd&claimPasscode=u1KoPXiBGNWxYjnS
> It's more easy for share/pickup and save time both sender and receiver.
If you want to add this you can do it yourself very easily by editing 
the template for this page which is in 
/opt/zendto/templates/show_dropoff.tpl. The bit you want to edit is 
around line 113. If you change this file, your edits will be kept during 
> 2) I think it is not a good practice for security to show non
> AuthorizedUser all the recipients and their pick-up details.
> It's also page pickup.php (templates/show_dropoff.tpl).
So change it to work the way you want. :)
> 3) As I understand 'localIPSubnets' not work propriety. Yes, It change
> main page, but nothing else, anybody can login from external network.
It's only intended to be cosmetic. Of course any user needs to be able 
to login from an external network, certainly in my view. I am not going 
to change that. If you want to, please feel free to do so, you have the 
source code! :-)
> I changed this, but I hope in next releases it'll work correctly.
No, I'm certainly not going to change that.


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> Best regards, Artyom
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