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Mike Brudenell mike.brudenell at york.ac.uk
Tue Jun 26 09:29:09 BST 2012

Hi, Tamas -

On 25 June 2012 17:24, Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us> wrote:

> 1:  You could zip and password protect the file before uploading it to
> Zendto.  Not automatic, but a simple workaround.  Might be a nice feature
> to see added though.

Hmmm… If I were uploading data I considered sensitive enough to warrant
password-protecting I personally would prefer to encrypt it before it left
my computer, and not trust whoever had set up the ZendTo software to effect
the transfer. (Isn't that better practice?)

> 2:  The "form" is the captcha entry form.  Did you set up the captcha?

To clarify, it's the person who has set up the SendTo software on the
transfer server you're using that needs to set up and configure the
CAPTCHA. If that's not you then you'll need to report it to whoever runs
your service.

Mike B-)

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