[ZendTo] Re: filenames with special characters

John Cooper johnpcooper at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 10:10:23 BST 2012

I was hoping you were not going to say that! I've made quite a few 
changes so will take a bit of time to update, test and deploy. I'll have 
to leave to end of term.

Thanks, John.

On 13/06/12 22:31, Jules wrote:
> As you are using an ancient version, I would first advise you to upgrade
> to the latest version.
> On 13/06/2012 13:49, John Cooper wrote:
>> Hi, I'm using v4.06 and we had a problem with someone sending a file
>> with % in the name e.g. "john doe%.pdf". The email was sent out ok but
>> was blank so the user didn't know how to receive the files. Any
>> suggestions how I can fix this as cannot control was odd names people
>> use for filenames!
>> Thanks, John.
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