[ZendTo] Preferences.php questions

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Fri Jun 1 20:24:35 BST 2012

The instructions for AD say to "Leave blank if not using a 2nd forest".  In php parlance, does that mean
  'authLDAPBaseDN2'           => ,
(I presume the "," is necessary to continue the array definition)
Or this:
  'authLDAPBaseDN2'           => '',
I went with the latter.

Also, I'm unclear on what to use for the authAdmins account(s):  do I put an AD account here, or a local account?  

Currently I have:
  'authAdmins' => array('kevin_miller at ci.juneau.ak.us'),
Or should I use a local account like kmiller at mis-km2-lnx instead?  Or just kmiller w/o a domain?

Note that ci.juneau.ak.us is the publically accessible domain used for email and public access to internal resources.  Our AD domain is cbj.local


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