[ZendTo] Re: Zendto Feature requests

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Tue May 24 09:23:17 BST 2011

Thanks for those, I will certainly consider them.


On 23/05/2011 20:21, Brad Beckenhauer wrote:
> Julian,
> These requests came from our internal Tech Support folks who do not 
> have access to the zendto CLI and where looking for a method to 
> determine system status/usage.
> They asked:
> a) if Zendto could have a status page showing the Clamd status / Dat 
> version in use.
> b) if Zendto could display the in-use/free disk space on /var/zendto ( 
> a graph showing long term disk utilization /rrd style).
> Anyway, I said I pass the requests along to you for consideration.
> thanks
> Brad

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