[ZendTo] Re: Revisiting the Return-Path change from Sept. 2010 archive

Craig Chambers craig at craigchambers.net
Wed May 18 16:36:32 BST 2011


I have not found any other way besides editing the php.ini file :(

I am definitely not a code guru but I was wondering if the install script could prompt the installer for a return-path email address. Depending on how aggressive you wanted to be with the assumption that the return-path domain is the same, you could also pre-populate that email address and domain suffix in various places in the preferences file during installation as well.

- Craig

On May 17, 2011, at 1:40 AM, Jules <Jules at zend.to> wrote:

> Is there *any* way of achieving the same effect without having to 
> manually edit php.ini? Currently I have scripted all the changes to that 
> file, which makes it much easier to install.
> Thanks,
> Jules.
> On 17/05/2011 08:23, Craig Chambers wrote:
>> I know this is an old topic but I wanted to follow-up because I was 
>> running into the same issue and have found a solution that appears to 
>> work for me on Ubuntu 10.10.
>> To summarize the problem, when ZendTo sends an automated message the 
>> Return-Path becomes www-data at domain.com instead of the email address 
>> you specified in the ZendTo configuration. According to what I 
>> gathered from the thread, sendmail overrides any changes to the 
>> configuration of NSSDropbox.php. I am not sure if this is a valid fix 
>> for most people but I was able to fix the problem by adding the 
>> following to the bottom of my PHP.ini file:
>> sendmail_path =/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i –f user at domain.com 
>> (substituting your email address of course)
>> This still mens you have to manually modify a file, but at least you 
>> are not digging around your sendmail configuration files. As usual, 
>> your results may differ but I wanted to add this to the discussion in 
>> case it is useful for someone else.
> Jules
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