[ZendTo] Re: Organization requirement

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Sat May 14 14:47:44 BST 2011

Not yet, no, that was only for IMAP.
Once someone can confirm that it does what they need in IMAP, I'll add 
the same to LDAP.

But if you're willing to test it for LDAP, then give me a few minutes 
(new Lion preview to install first!).


On 14/05/2011 14:29, Michael Masse wrote:
> Will this work for if we use LDAP authentication?
> -Mike
> On 5/14/2011 8:18 AM, Jules wrote:
>> If you add this setting to your preferences.php file:
>>   'authIMAPOrganization' => 'University of Southampton',
>> (obviously with your own organisation name in there!)
>> and apply the attached patch with
>>   cd /opt/zendto/lib && patch -p0 < /tmp/imaporg.patch
>> and then try it again, I hope it now works better.
>> Please let me know if it behaves how you want.
>> Jules.
>> On 13/05/2011 22:20, Chris Barber wrote:
>>> I too have had users ask me to remove that option. You are right, 
>>> logged in users know who they belong to. I would say it would be 
>>> best if thre was a configuration option in zendto.conf that would 
>>> allow us to specify the organization, or leave it has an option for 
>>> users to fill in.
>>> In one case of mine, we are using IMAP authentication and the IMAP 
>>> server auto fills this in. However it fills in the domain name and 
>>> not the actual org name. I think this is the fault of the IMAP 
>>> server but we can't adjust that so the users are always fixing the 
>>> org name for each dropoff or request.
>>> Chris
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>>> I can't find anything in either configuration file that would allow 
>>> me to turn off the requirement to type in an organization when a 
>>> logged in
>>> user is trying to upload a file.    All of my logged in users are from
>>> the same organization.   They all know what organization they all 
>>> belong
>>> to.   There's no point in them having to type it in every time.   It
>>> makes sense for non logged in users, but not logged in.    How can I
>>> remove that requirement?
>>> -Mike
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