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As the moment the MailScanner integration is using the intelligence within ZendTo to decide if an attachment/or complete drop-off is greater than the allowed settings. Ideally I believe this should be moved within MailScanner, as the $message{} contains the necessary file information, and then it would speed up the batch processing as the files would not need to be sent across the ZendTo URL before being 1) accepted or/ 2) rejected due to size constraints. If the values could be read from a database then the ZendTo.pm would be able to use the Init() functions to refresh the data; which saves duplication of configuration between ZendTo and MailScanner.

Hope I am making sense! not had much sleep trying to get this all working.
Thanks, Phil

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> Would you be just reading the configuration from the database into
> ZendTo? If so, then all we need is a script to generate
> preferences.php from a database, which would be simple enough.
> Changes to preferences.php take effect immediately.

> Jules.

> On 05/07/2011 23:32, --[ UxBoD ]-- wrote:
> > Jules,

> > how much would it take to store the configuration eg. max upload
> > file/dropoff size in a MySQL database? This would be a great
> > enhancement and allow the data to be shared with MailScanner ;)
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> > Thanks, Phil

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