[ZendTo] Re: My updates to Zendto site Centos install

Jules Jules at Zend.To
Tue Apr 19 12:23:04 BST 2011


Many thanks for all your work. It is much appreciated. I have updated 
the document on the website pretty much in line with your changes (I did 
the odd tweak :-)


On 19/04/2011 10:16, John Cooper wrote:
> On 19/04/11 09:39, Jules wrote:
>> Please can you tell me what bits you have changed? A diff would be a lot
>> more use than a complete copy of the document.
>> Thanks!
>> Jules.
> Hi Jules, I've changed nearly every line so I don't think a diff would
> help. Mainly removed rpm where yum should be used, added
> mysql_secure_install to set the root password, mysql update to
> /opt/zendto/config/preferences.php (site version had incorrect
> opt/zendto/www/preferences.php path), replaced rpmforge with rpmfusion
> repo.
> Just noticed missed export command at
> cd /opt/zendto/bin
> export ZENDTOPREFS=/opt/zendto/config/preferences.php
> php adduser.php mcooper zendtopass2011 mcooper at uni.ac.uk 'M Cooper' 'My Uni'
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