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Naz Snidanko nsnidanko at harperpowerproducts.com
Mon Aug 9 13:46:41 BST 2010

Hi Jules,

It is nice to see this product coming that far from its initial
announcement in mailscanner list. As for extra feature it would be nice
to have file upload restrictions, similar to what you have in
mailscanner (check with file -i) so you can prevent users from sharing
junk (ie video and music files).
Maybe creating "rules" file in config directory and using regex to

Thank you for the good work,

Naz Snidanko
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I have already tightened up my release procedures to hopefully ensure 
that the mess of 3.60 won't ever happen again. It does my reputation, 
and that of the project, a lot of harm; recovering from that is

So I will do all I can to ensure nothing like it occurs again.

Many thanks for your support,

P.S. On a slightly different subject, what extra documentation would you

like to see on the web site? And any extra features you would like to 
see in ZendTo itself? Thanks!

On 08/08/2010 11:52, Jules wrote:
> I have abandoned 3.60 and done a bug-fix release with is now version
> Hopefully that will resolve all the problems with 3.60.
> Many thanks for your patience!
> Download as usual from www.zendto.com.
> Jules


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